The student-run newspaper of Nicholls State University, The Nicholls Worth, currently employs 16 students, most of which have to balance their love lives while putting a publication together each week. The majority of the staff spends at least 10 hours per week in the office while some staff members clock in around 20 hours per week. After enduring these hours along with the amount of time spent in class each week, those Nicholls Worth staff members in relationships have to choose how to spend their time with their significant others wisely.

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“Its very difficult to see my boyfriend every day during a busy work week, so we have to make the most of it by making sure to see each other on the weekends,” sports editor Rachel Klaus said. Some staff members sometimes find it challenging to make time for their partners with work during the week while others don’t consider it too difficult.

The staff considers each other like a family because of all the time spent together during the week. Once the work week is over, the staff can decide how they will spend their time away from the office. For the staff members who are not in relationships like copy editor Jadeion Johnson, being away from their work family provides time to themselves and with their families at home.


Staff members in relationships sometimes like to share what they do on a weekly basis at work with their significant others on their free time. “I’m basically a photojournalist here at student publications and my girlfriend is really into photography too. When I don’t have work to worry about, we like to take off during the weekend and go to New Orleans or to the middle of nowhere and just take picture together,” photographer Jeffery Miller said. For staff members in relationships like photo editor Alex Grezaffi, having time off of work allows them to be with their significant others and share their interests with each other.