IMG_6317Kristen and Brandon Grezaffi currently live in Houma, Louisiana and have been married for 18 years. They experienced a difficult time apart from each other at the beginning of their relationship, but they knew that they could still make it work.

Brandon remembered how he and Kristen first met. “She was hot on my trail. She just so happened to wind up at the same store that I would often get lunch at and said, ‘Oh, how did I end up here?’ And the rest is history,” he said. It took him about three weeks to ask Kristen on a date. Kristen revealed that the couple went bowling on their first date together. “I let her beat me, just to be the gentleman,” said Brandon. Kristen thought back for a second and remembered that she won all three games, to which Brandon replied, “Well, that’s what a gentleman does.”

10155149_10203483507991959_2069771334_nThe two dated for two years before getting married on March 29, 1996. Brandon began prepping himself for nursing school that same year. He told Kristen that he was going to have to move away for two years to attend Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans. “She had to work in Houma while I attended school in New Orleans so that we could make this work, make it happen,” said Brandon. Kristen did just that. Starting in August of 1996, she stayed in Houma to work and take care of the couple’s two-year old daughter, Alex. “We just knew that it would work,” said Brandon.





IMG_0012“They would come visit me on weekends and sometimes I would come home on weekends to see them. But during weekdays, school was my job,” said Brandon. He explained that he wouldn’t get to see Kristen and their daughter every weekend, especially not at the beginning of the transition. “Sometimes Alex and I would travel to New Orleans and stay the whole weekend at his apartment, but most of the time was usually spent watching him study,” Kristen explained. When their time together wasn’t spent watching Brandon study, they family would get to spend their time around New Orleans. Brandon recalls spending a lot of time going eat at Outback, taking their daughter to play miniature golf, and going sit out by Lake Pontchartrain. “Sometimes they would even come catch me at Barnes & Noble while I studied,” he said. “It paid off in the end,” Kristen reminded him.


540448_10150740899477537_842439350_nThe two years that the couple spent apart definitely did pay paid off. Brandon was able to move back home with Kristen and their daughter Alex after earning his nursing degree in 1998. He is now a registered nurse at Cardiovascular Institute of the South in Houma, where he currently resides with his family. Kristen also works in Houma as a paralegal for St. Martin Law Firm. Kristen and Brandon went on to have another daughter, Bailey, in 1998. The family lives together in Houma to this day, happier and stronger than ever.