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Homesick in San Antonio

Spending a little time away from home is refreshing, but I’m already starting to miss home a bit. Once I get home by the end of the week, I know there will be some changes to get used to:

  • For starters, everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving means that everything will be kicked into Christmas-mode.
  • Second, I have to start preparing for the last couple days of class and finals immediately after I return to Thibodaux after being away all week.
  • Finally (the only one I am actually looking forward to), Ross will be moved into his new apartment by the time I get back.

I can’t wait to see his new home and how happy he is to be moved in. And of course, I’m counting down the days until I get to see him again. If that means having to deal with Christmas-enthusiasts and finals too once I get back, then so be it.


Thanksgiving is a special time of year that people want to spend with their families and periods that the love and care about.

Today, my parents and I arrived in San Antonio, Texas to spend my week off. We have a lot of things planned like stopping at some of the best local restaurants, sight-seeing, and hiking.



Of course I am thankful that I am able to spend this time with my parents; unfortunately, I wish that I could be spending some of this time with Ross. We are getting to see so many things that I wish I could share with him. For now, I guess pictures will have to be as close to sharing this vacation with him as I can get.

So as I spend this holiday with my parents, I am reminded of how thankful I am for them and all the things they do for me (aka taking their full-grown daughter on a full-paid vacation). I am also reminded that no matter how far away from home I am, I’ll always have Ross waiting for me to come back.

(And this time, coming back with souvenirs)

Thanksgiving Holidays

Usually, I’d be excited to spend some time off with Ross during the holidays. When we were both in college together, we would look forward to being off of school at the same time so we could spend time with each other without worrying about class.

Unfortunately, the college lifestyle that I live no longer applies to Ross. While I prepare for the Thanksgiving holidays, he just gets to keep on being busy with work without a vacation.

We have experienced many transitions together since he graduated and started a job, but one of the hardest ones to grasp is that he doesn’t get vacations from work like I do in college.

Making time for each other isn’t always the frustrating thing to deal with, but having free time and not being able be with someone during that time is a little more irritating.

End of the Semester

The semester is finally coming to an end. For me, this means I’m almost done with work until January. It also means that I’m going to have to work extra hard during finals week to prepare for my exams.

The biggest difference between the end of the semester this year compared to last year is that Ross isn’t ending a semester as well.

Seeing Ross at a job that doesn’t get breaks at the end of every three months is a lot different than last year when he was still in school with me. Everyone has points in their lives when they transition to something better. I wish he could be sharing the excitement of finishing up a semester with me, but seeing him succeed at a real world job it just as satisfying.

Looking Back

Sometimes it’s funny to think about how much has changed over the years.

I remember how much I craved the attention of my football/soccer-playing, track-star boyfriend throughout high school. I thought that if I was able to earn his affection then I had everything I could ever want.


Letting go of my high school boyfriend (who still seems to be stuck in a high school mentality to this day, who would have thought) has led me to finding what I was really looking for in a guy.

I learned that even though some boy is a football player/soccer player/track star/musician/church goer/whatever doesn’t guarantee that he has a wonderful personality to complement all of that… and that any guy with a bad personality isn’t exactly what I would call “dateable.” I also learned that I shouldn’t have to beg for any guy’s attention. And of course I realized that I wasn’t a bad person for letting go of someone who didn’t try hard enough to keep me around, especially when there were better and more deserving guys out there.

Dealing with some typical high school jerk wasn’t exactly my idea of fun, but learning what kind of guy I didn’t want to be with helped me to find the one that I do want to be with.

Looking Ahead

Ever since the beginning of November, Ross and I have been counting down the days until Thanksgiving. Not only do we have family, friends, and food as far as the eye can see to look forward to, but Thanksgiving marks the date when Ross gets to move into his new apartment complex. His current roommate is moving to Florida come January, so Ross will be moving out of their two story townhouse and into a cozy one-bedroom apartment just down the road from where he lives now.


This move is not only exciting for Ross, but for me as well. This means that I get to give my expertise on how his apartment should be decorated. Rather thoughtful of me, don’t you think?

We have also come up with a few resolutions to go along with his move:

  • Eat cleaner
  • Get some exercise
  • Look into getting a pet

With Ross finally having a fridge to himself, we decided to work together to fill it with better alternatives than what we usually snack on. Since the apartment complex has some really nice workout equipment and a beautiful walking track, we thought it would only make sense to utilize them. And finally, since Ross might get a little lonely living by himself, he is starting to think about adopting a kitten.

Only 20 more days until the big move!


Ross and I had been saying all month that we were going to carve pumpkins before the end of October. Every day that we told each other “today is the day that we are going to pick out the the two most perfect pumpkins,” something came up that stopped us from doing so.

We finally decided to make our way to Walmart for pumpkins on Halloween night. Upon our arrival, we were told that they had been out of pumpkins for about a week. We agreed that we would get started on pumpkin carving early next year, no exceptions.

To solve our Halloween blues, we picked up a pizza and browsed Netflix for the most appropriate Halloween movies. We also got to dig into some pumpkin-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups because it wouldn’t be Halloween without some candy.


Double Date

Every once in a while, couples need to do something refreshing to keep things interesting. Sometimes, the same old same old can get… old. Double dating can change up the normal routine by allowing other people to be a part of your date night.

d9w3oRoss and I decided to double date with my cousin Andrew and his girlfriend Taylor tonight. The four of us have been friends for year and we always make time for each other. We usually like to pick restaurants that we haven’t been to and experience them together. Other times, we like to visit some of our favorite spots just for old time’s sake. Tonight we did both.

We decided to have dinner at Rotolo’s Pizzeria in Houma since we had never visited there before. It had been a while since we last saw each other, so our pizza was accompanied by a lot of catching up.

Afterwards, we decided to go to our favorite ice cream parlor, Scarlet Scoop. Saying goodbye at the end of out double dates with Andrew and Taylor are always so hard, so our nights are usually always prolonged by getting ice cream.

IMG_1456 IMG_1435

Wedding Weekend

Ross and I spent yesterday and today driving back and forth from Thibodaux to Plaquemine, Louisiana to be a part of our friends’ wedding. The drive is about an hour and a half one-way which had us on the road for about 6 hours for the past two days.


The drive was well worth it in the end. We got to spend time with friends, including the bride and groom, who we don’t get the chance to see very often. We also got to dress up together, which we don’t often get the chance to do. We clean up rather nice, if I do say so myself.


Once we got there, we were able to spend time with many people we care about, which made the long drives worth-while. Even the drives themselves weren’t that bad because we were able to use that one-on-one time to catch each other up on our weeks over some music.

Then and Now

I remember going on my first date with my boyfriend well over a year ago. I gave him props for knowing exactly where I would want to go without even having to ask… a sushi restaurant. Since then, we have spent many lunch and dinner dates at our favorite local sushi place, Geaux Fish. We decided to call this long week a wrap by stopping there today for some sushi rolls. To our surprise, our hostess seated us at the very table we sat at for our first date. After laughing over the irony, we got to reminisce on how much has changed since our first date. We also realized that there are some things that may never change, like how we ALWAYS seem to end up at the same sushi restaurant (but hey, who’s complaining). 

After a very satisfying meal, we headed back to Ross’ apartment to play some Mario Kart because, you know, what else are a couple of 20-something-year-olds going to do on a Friday night, right?

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist