Looking Back

Sometimes it’s funny to think about how much has changed over the years.

I remember how much I craved the attention of my football/soccer-playing, track-star boyfriend throughout high school. I thought that if I was able to earn his affection then I had everything I could ever want.


Letting go of my high school boyfriend (who still seems to be stuck in a high school mentality to this day, who would have thought) has led me to finding what I was really looking for in a guy.

I learned that even though some boy is a football player/soccer player/track star/musician/church goer/whatever doesn’t guarantee that he has a wonderful personality to complement all of that… and that any guy with a bad personality isn’t exactly what I would call “dateable.” I also learned that I shouldn’t have to beg for any guy’s attention. And of course I realized that I wasn’t a bad person for letting go of someone who didn’t try hard enough to keep me around, especially when there were better and more deserving guys out there.

Dealing with some typical high school jerk wasn’t exactly my idea of fun, but learning what kind of guy I didn’t want to be with helped me to find the one that I do want to be with.