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Homesick in San Antonio

Spending a little time away from home is refreshing, but I’m already starting to miss home a bit. Once I get home by the end of the week, I know there will be some changes to get used to:

  • For starters, everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving means that everything will be kicked into Christmas-mode.
  • Second, I have to start preparing for the last couple days of class and finals immediately after I return to Thibodaux after being away all week.
  • Finally (the only one I am actually looking forward to), Ross will be moved into his new apartment by the time I get back.

I can’t wait to see his new home and how happy he is to be moved in. And of course, I’m counting down the days until I get to see him again. If that means having to deal with Christmas-enthusiasts and finals too once I get back, then so be it.

Looking Ahead

Ever since the beginning of November, Ross and I have been counting down the days until Thanksgiving. Not only do we have family, friends, and food as far as the eye can see to look forward to, but Thanksgiving marks the date when Ross gets to move into his new apartment complex. His current roommate is moving to Florida come January, so Ross will be moving out of their two story townhouse and into a cozy one-bedroom apartment just down the road from where he lives now.


This move is not only exciting for Ross, but for me as well. This means that I get to give my expertise on how his apartment should be decorated. Rather thoughtful of me, don’t you think?

We have also come up with a few resolutions to go along with his move:

  • Eat cleaner
  • Get some exercise
  • Look into getting a pet

With Ross finally having a fridge to himself, we decided to work together to fill it with better alternatives than what we usually snack on. Since the apartment complex has some really nice workout equipment and a beautiful walking track, we thought it would only make sense to utilize them. And finally, since Ross might get a little lonely living by himself, he is starting to think about adopting a kitten.

Only 20 more days until the big move!